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127 Sale Day Three

The 2019 127 sale is in the books. We arrived home yesterday with a full van and a little exhausted. And then the van had to be unpacked. Ugh!

My post for day three is a little late. I had neglected to bring my laptop power cord with me on the trip so I was running on fumes for my day two post. Being a little late gives me an opportunity to share day three treasures as well as a few I didn't share on day one and two. I snapped most of these photos while unpacking the van.

We started out in Crossville, TN on Saturday morning. Just as we were starting out, I hear "Pull in here!!!" One of my friends had spied a treasure on the side of the road. As I mentioned in my day two post, we had decided to do a "flea market flip" challenge amongst ourselves. More about that later. We pulled in and we started inspecting this chair.

It was a little dirty, the fabric needs to go and the paint is peeling but it is rock solid. After a little negotiating, it was loaded into the van.

As we made our way north, we saw a sign that said "Everything Must Go." Well, who doesn't like that message! We pulled in and started shopping. Immediately I started seeing things I liked. The vendor said "If it has a price on it, it is half off, if it doesn't have a price, I am making deals." Apparently she is getting out of the business and wanted to liquidate her inventory. I started making a pile and asking for prices. The more I added to my pile, the better her prices got.

Mid Century Chip and Dip Set

I really loved this mid century chip and dip set. I think these triangle glass items were part of something, but she only had these two, so I grabbed them.

Wire dish rack, potato mashers, tin trays

I really love this wire dish rack. It will be great to use in the booth to display items. The box on the lower left corner has vintage safety razors in it.

Gilette razors

Mid Century Glass Grapes and Cigarette Box

I have found these mid century glass grapes sell well in my booths. This dealer had several sets of them. She also had this vintage cigarette case.

I don't usually purchase tobacciana, but this case served up the cigarettes in a unique way.

She had a ton of camera, as well as these two crock bowls and this cast iron lamp and eagle.

Child's table, aluminum S&P shakers, metal string holder, cast iron horse bookends.

This cute little metal table was just too good to pass up. The vendor let me start digging through totes under her table. I came up with these cast iron horse bookends, these aluminum S&P shakers and this metal string dispenser.

Also unearthed under the table; this green lamp shade, these stop sign flashers, a Ball jar and a box of doorknobs.

Door knobs are a staple for me. I am always on the lookout for them. I use them at Christmas in my booth. Check it out here.

I also picked up this vintage cast iron mailbox. It doesn't have the key but it is pretty cool! I got a lot more from this dealer. It was kind of a frenzy. My friends were trying to guard my pile from the other shoppers while I was amassing my goodies and trying to get prices on things.

She had a two piece vintage kitchen cabinet with an enamel top for the bottom half. She had a good price on it. I thought we could get it in the van, but we would have had to completely unload the van and repack to make it fit. It was so hot, I didn't want to do that. I was still talking about it 15 miles later. You know you have great friends when they say, "do you want to turn around and go get it?" We didn't, but it is haunting me. :)

In the midst of my frenzy buying, one of my friends picked this up at the same sale for her "flea market flip" challenge. Really cute and she got it for a great price!

We stopped at several off-road sales. These are sales that are not directly on the 127 route. They have signs directing you to their property. Sometimes it is worth it to get off the 127. I found these at one of those sites. At first it looked like there just a few items in the garage. My friends opted to stay in the van while I shopped this one. Turns out, it was an estate sale and the house was full. As I was searching through the home, I got a call from the van asking if I needed rescued. Apparently I had been in there for a while. I came out of there with these bird prints, this cute yellow bird pottery planter, the little bunny planter and the blue pottery vase.

I really like these metal enamel pitchers and these flower boxes, but I kind of regret the purchase—because the vendor was really rude. In fact he was an outright jerk. I regret giving him my money.

As the day was winding down, we found a barn sale. They still had some great things left like this plaid picnic basket and this yellow crock.

They also had this green crock and wooden hat mold.

They also had the ONLY vintage Christmas I saw on the trip. these two plastic candle lights. I can usually find lots of vintage Christmas—someone must have scooped it all up before I got to it.

I found a book of Indiana poets (signed by one of the poets!) at an off-road sale.

One of my favorite stops is just outside Jamestown, TN. I picked up this clover leaf foot stool there.

I also got this cute wall shelf off a $1 table.

I love that it is homemade, and it has a dog cutout.

And a bird cutout. The bird is mocking the dog which is trying to climb the tree, but the dog can't reach the bird. I love it.

A few of the things I found earlier in the trip but didn't photograph due to rain (or laziness). This looks like a printers cabinet to me. I has removable shelves, but the shelves don't have a back to them. I could be wrong. There is no ink traces on the shelves. If anyone know what it is, I would appreciate the sharing of information! I bought it because I liked the look of it.

This is what the shelves look like.

I found this little table on Friday morning on Signal Mountain.

The last stop of the day on Saturday was just south of Liberty, Kentucky. There is an Amish farm that churns ice cream using a horse on a treadmill.

The ice cream is delicious!

I found the last of my treasures there.

I found these cast iron eagle bookends there.

And this postcard display was half off since they were closing up.

As we were in the van leaving, I spied another postcard rack at the same vendor tent.

I jumped out of the van and asked it it was half off—it was!

And stuffed it in the van. It was time to stop shopping. We were crammed in there and barely had room to move! Always the sign of a successful trip! We didn't shop on the last day, we just headed for home since we were full!

We had a great time. The best part of the trip is spending time with friends, being silly, singing along to the radio, listening to podcasts, finding a local bingo parlor (didn't win), and just seeing beautiful parts of this country. I hope the residents of the area appreciate the views as much as we did!

Now for the "flea market flip" challenge. This was initiated by one of my friends. We established the ground rules together. Find a "trash to treasure" items for $15 or under. Give it a makeover and see who can sell it for the most profit. Here are the three items.

Stay tuned for future posts to see how they turned out and who will win bragging rights.


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