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A Few Clues...

I have mentioned my game room in the basement a couple of times. I have a large collection of vintage board games and a few toys. I love the graphics on the old games.

These have been collected over about 20 years—from auctions, yard sales or online. I am at the point that if one comes in, one has to go...

In collecting these games, I have multiples of several games. I pick them up to complete a game or maybe the box is in better condition. While I was decorating the basement a few years ago. I decided to use some spare parts to make coasters.

I picked up this set of coasters at Goodwill for a dollar!

I also had game cards and weapons from an old Clue game.

I spray painted the coasters black and cut the cards to fit in a "random" pattern in the frame.

I then glued the weapons in the corners.

The weapons do fall off from time to time. I originally used by glue gun to attach them. When they fall off, I use Fusion to reattach.

So now the coasters are frequently used! I also collect state souvenir glasses to use in the basement. They are fun reminders of days gone by and it helps everyone to remember which glass is theirs.

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