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Vintage Easter

I love vintage Easter decorations! I find them in a variety of places from estate auctions to garage sales to thrift stores. The best part is they are not as pricey as Christmas or Halloween vintage decor!

This is my collection of pulp papier mache rabbit candy containers.

Most of these have been acquired at estate auctions. Usually they are tucked in a box of decorations so it always pays to look through those boxes!

These were typically made in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. Being paper, they are usually pretty dinged up.

Vintage Easter baskets can easily be found at garage sales and thrift stores. They are very inexpensive.

This papier mache chicken on a nest is my newest acquisition. It will be on display year round in my kitchen. This one was in immaculate condition!

I really love vintage smalls as well. These type of decor are typically in the bottom of a box of decorations.

These egg holders are adorable!

You can always find a variety!

I found this little cutie on the 127 Yard Sale in 2016. It was the last day of the sale and this was on a 1/2 price table. I scooped it up for $5. I thought it was a steal! I just can't believe someone didn't get to it before me!

These are tiny Easter baskets. Again, really inexpensive. All the eggs are from Hobby Lobby.

This bunny is chalk ware.

He had an accident at some point but someone lovingly put him back together!

I am not sure what this was used for. It is ceramic.

And it was made in Germany....

So keep your eyes peeled for vintage Easter! I believe it will become a hot collectible in the future.

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