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Day 2 127 Yard Sale

Today we traveled from Chattanooga, TN to Crossville, TN on the 127 sale. It is only about 95 miles, but it took us about nine hours to travel that distance with all the stops we made to shop.

Sales in Chattanooga are sparse, but upon leaving Chattanooga, you travel up the mountain to Signal Mountain. There are a plethora of sales there. One of the first ones we visited had this little beauty.

How cute is this purse? It is a Fab Find for sure. The woman at the garage sale said she made it "many moons ago" during the 1960s. It is in great shape.

As we started to leave Signal Mountain, we stopped at a field with a bunch of vendors. One of the vendors has a signature VW van at their booth and sells 127 shirts featuring the van. We have purchased shirts from her before. They are great quality. She added tank tops this year. So I added on to my stash.

I actually bought a teal colored one. I thought I wanted the pink until I saw the teal. If you are in the area, stop by and pick up a shirt from them. You won't regret it—the quality is really good.

I picked up this Wyandotte target shooting game. It is a two sided tin litho board. It will look great in my basement.

I also picked up this wooden bowl. It had cracked and has been repaired, but I loved the patina.

This little trash can caught my eye. I just loved the painted flowers on this.

I always look for these state souvenir glasses. I have them in my bar in the basement. This is the only one I have seen on this trip.

This hymnal rack was calling my name.

I love Frankoma pottery, particularly the green glaze. This was my last purchase this evening. We shopped until almost 7 o'clock.

I have to share one of my favorite stops today. It was a couple miles off of 127 but they had this sign.

We took the bait and it paid off big time—not in the items for sale, but the farm was at the top of a mountain and the views were spectacular.

It was absolutely stunning.

The farm was so quaint, lots of animals running around!

I wish I could have brought this little doll home with me.

They even had a raccoon in the barn lounging in a hammock.

And they had a bunch of stuff for sale.

There were duck eggs in a nest on the porch.

Right next to everything else for sale.

I saw a few other cool things today that I didn't buy.

How cool is this teal television?

I love tin litho Christmas tree stands, but I have a couple so I restrained myself.

Tomorrow we head north to finish out Tennessee and start in Kentucky. They weather held with minimal rain today. Let's hope for clear skies tomorrow.

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