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Funky Fabric to Farmhouse Chic Footstool

Footstools are easy to upcycle. They are typically inexpensive at yard sales, thrift stores and auctions. They are easy to paint and reupholster. I buy and sell a lot of them. I picked this one up at a yard sale.

This little guy had had a couple of makeovers through the years. When I bought the piece, it had blue corduroy fabric.

At some point in its history, it sported brown velour fabric.

Finally, after stripping off the first two layers of fabric, I unearthed this gem. This fabric screams the 1970s. It was actually in pretty good shape. I considered keeping it as is—for about a minute, then I removed it.

I removed the legs and painted them with Rustoleum Chalked Paint in the Pebble color.

I could have just unscrewed them from the metal bases, but this way I could paint them while they were standing up.

I selected a gray and white ticking canvas fabric and reupholstered the seat. Always begin in the center of each side, ensuring the fabric is straight. Carefully work your way out to the edges, rotating the piece to ensure the fabric remains aligned correctly.

This is the finished piece with all the staples in place.

I covered a button in matching fabric and used a needle and waxed thread to tuft the seat of the footstool.

I was able to align the fabric on the footstool with the button.

Then I heavily distressed the legs of the footstool. The heavy distressing allowed some of the white from a previous coat of paint to show through.

Then it was sealed with Varathane Crystal Clear Satin Polyurethane.

This project was very simple and can easily be completed in under an hour or so. It is really cute and works well as a footstool or it could be used as a time out stool tucked away in a quiet spot.

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