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Holiday Baking Decor

One of the best things about the holidays is all the baked goods! Everyone busts out their favorite treats and feels compelled to share with all their friends—which is great but not for our waistlines! Oy vey!

I used some classic baking tools in this project. I had several vintage flour sifters. All had green on the handle, the knob or the entire piece. Personally, I wouldn't use them to sift flour anymore. The screen portion is rusted on all of them and a couple of them still have flour caked in the crevices. Ick.

I also have a huge stash of vintage cookie cutters.

I picked up some Christmas floral picks. These are from Dollar Tree, but you can find them at any craft store or big box store.

I began by tucking two of the stems in the sifter. I didn't glue them in. They can be removed after the holidays if someone wanted to use the sifter in farmhouse kitchen decor. I clipped off the bottom of the stems and bent the remaining portion to ensure they fit nicely in the sifter.

Next, I selected a cookie cutter and added a touch of glue on the bottom. I tucked it into the greenery.

This is a festive way to add a little Christmas to your kitchen, particularly if your kitchen isn't large, but you want to add a touch of Christmas sparkle to the room.

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