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Jingle Bells

I purchased this NOEL picture about 15 years ago at a local festival. I used it in my Christmas decorations for many years. I had not used it in the last few years and I was thinking about getting rid of it. Then my friend (who also bought the same picture at the same festival—we do a lot of that...) showed me hers. It had water damage and she wanted some new artwork for it. Her daughter and I are working on that one which I will share in a future post. So I was inspired to redo mine as well.

I took the frame apart. The Noel sign was simply printed on a piece of paper with a cardboard backing.

I cut a piece of masonite to fit the frame and painted it with Waverly chalk paint in the Cashew color. I sealed it with a coat of Rustoleum matte topcoat.

I used the Jingle Bell artwork I had purchased from the Silhouette store.

I sized it to the frame and cut a stencil. I painted the stencil with copper acrylic paint.

I thought it needed to be aged a bit so I antiqued it.

I was gettin ready to put it back in the frame and then I decided it needed something else—jingle bells! I have an assortment of single sleigh bells that I find here and there—in the bottom of a box lot, at garage sales, just wherever I see them. I use them as ornaments on a little Christmas tree in my spare bathroom.

I drilled a couple of holes to make the sleigh bells look like they are hanging over the J.

I threaded a piece of twine through the holes.

And tied the sleigh bells to the twine.

I'm not sure I love the twine, I might try some ribbon or strips of leather in the future but for now, the twine will do.

I put it in the old frame and now it is finished! I am using this once again in my Christmas decor.


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