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Mid Century Desk Fab Find

This fab find was the impetus to reorganize my craft room. I had been looking at desks and work tables at IKEA and nothing was catching my eye. I found this gem at an estate auction the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

This Mid Century Modern desk is a whopping 74 inches long. And it is HEAVY! The top had a lot of scratches and water damage, but I was pretty confident I could make it pretty. The legs and the storage section were in pretty good shape.

Did I mention I only paid five measly dollars for this—yes, $5—such a steal.

I sanded and sanded—and sanded the top of this. I finally got to a place where I thought it was ready to stain.

I was soooo happy with the way it turned out. It's not perfect but it looks pretty good.

This afternoon I maneuvered it down the steps to the basement and into the craft room.

It is a perfect fit! It has great storage.

I really wanted something I could set my sewing machine so it could be out all the time rather than tucked away in the closet. It is always a hassle to get it out and set it up. Now when I want to use it, I can simply slide it over.

I found the lamp at Goodwill for $4. It isn't old but it has a MCM vibe and it has an LED bulb so it is really bright.

I have the perfect chair for this desk. It is MCM but needs a little love. Hopefully I will get to that project this week.

I also have this mid century book shelf. I actually have two of them. I purchased them at an auction about 10 years ago. I have used them in my booths, but most recently they have been in the basement. Most of the furniture in my basement is mid century. I have been contemplating a wall storage unit from IKEA for this wall (I really need the storage), but until I decide to pull the trigger on that, this will have to do.

The craft room is coming together. The goal is to have all the projects completed by the end of this week. I have another post showing the seating for the craft room. Check it out here.

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