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Mini Mirror Makeover

Estate sales are a great place to find treasures to make over. There are often things the family has had for 20, 30, 40 or more years. Functionally, there is nothing wrong with these pieces. They often just need a little love. These vintage mini mirrors were unsold at an estate sale by the end of the day. I thought maybe I could make them cute and a little more modern so I added them to my pile of purchases.

They remind me of Cogsworth from one of my favorite Disney movies—Beauty and the Beast!

Can you see it?

I decided to paint the mirrors.

Materials needed for this project:


Rustoleum Milk Paint—I used the Highland Blue color

Sandpaper—I used the 60 grit to distress the piece.

Krud Kutter—or a similar cleaner

The back was screwed on holding the mirror in place. I removed the back and the mirror to prep for painting. I always keep the screws in a small container to keep them together for reassembling. I make a label with painters tape to write the name of the project since I often have multiple projects in the hopper at one time.

These are made of plastic. They definitely needed cleaning. The came out of a home that had smokers in the house. I used Krud Kutter to clean these. There was film of cigarette smoke that came off easily.

I painted them with two coats of Rustoleum Highland Blue Milk Paint.

I distressed the frames with a 60 grit sandpaper. Then I used the polyurethane to seal the paint. After it dried, I reassembled the mirrors and they were finished!.

This was a really easy project. I think these would look great in a sunroom or a bathroom. They would also look great on a porch with a vignette of spring decor.

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Allyson Lauder
Allyson Lauder
08 mar 2023

Your makeover looks wonderful! I'm featuring you at the Home Matters Party on Thursday. Thanks for sharing! Southern Sunflowers

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Contestando a

You are so sweet! Thanks Allyson! I will look for it and tag you on my site!

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