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More Linen Upcycling

My last post showed my first try at upcycling vintage linens and vintage fabrics. It's been cold here in Indiana so I have been holed up and have been making a bunch more tote bags from vintage linens and fabrics!

The embroidery on this was very sweet.

This tablecloth had hole in multiple places so I had to piece the vintage fabric together to make a piece large enough for a tote bag.

This one was made from a set of curtains.

I love it when I have fabrics that go together so well.

These two were made from vintage dish towels. They are a little smaller than the others but I love how they turned out.

I still had fabric left over from the first project so I got the pattern for the swing tote. I was happy with how it turned out but I didn't realize at first that I put the bottom of the tote on incorrectly.

So I made another one with a vintage tablecloth.

And I put the bottom on wrong again....I couldn't figure out why it didn't look like it did on the cover of the pattern.

This afternoon I figured it out.

The bottom is an oval and it needs to be put on so the opening of the shoulder strap fits comfortable on the shoulder. It only took me three tries to get it right. I decided to mix the fabrics on this one. That is also how it is shown on the pattern (with different fabrics). These went together really well so I gave it a try. Maybe that's why it turned out right.

Making these has been a great winter activity. I have also made some pillows and some fabric baskets. I'll save those for a separate post!

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