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Screening Decor

You never know what will catch my eye—let's be honest, I never know what will catch my eye. Sometimes something remains in my stash for a while until I figure out what to do with it. This vintage window screen has only been in my stash for a few months. It wound up in my Christmas storage tubs. My God daughter comes over occasionally and helps me with projects. She is very creative and comes up with ideas I hadn't even thought of. She saw this screen (and my shipment of greenery from Hobby Lobby) and had an idea for this.

We had these types of screens when I was growing up. We didn't have air conditioning so we had these in all the windows and there was usually a fan sitting in front of it! We began by coating the wood with Varathane Crystal Clear Satin Polyurethane.

We pulled a lambs ear wreath from my greenery shipment. It was the perfect size for this project.

As I was looking through my stash of Christmas smalls (used to accent decor), I found this little pickup truck ornament. This ornament is available at Wal-Mart this season. I just picked it up a couple of weeks ago. The colors went so well with the lambs ear wreath and it fit perfectly in the center of the wreath.

I began by attaching the wreath to the screen. For this you will need floral wire. This spool of beading wire was in the garage, so I just used it.

I ran a wire around the wreath and through the screen. I twisted the wire to secure the wreath to the screen. I did this in four locations on the wreath (top, bottom, and both sides). I trimmed the remaining wire.

I removed the original string from the ornament and added a wire which I then attached to the screen.

I added a twisted loop of wire on the back to use as a hanger.

This screen is the perfect backdrop for this wreath. The pickup truck provides a bit of whimsy as well. Perfect for farmhouse Christmas decor. It is available at Primitive Gatherings Open House this weekend (November 1 -2)!

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