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Thrift Store Bench

I am always on the lookout for thinks to upcycle. I found this bench at the Goodwill store. Yes, it has a cutesy cow on it, but I looked past that and saw a solid bench.

It was also 50% off! So that's a bonus!

If you are an animal lover, spoiler alert—the cow didn't survive. It came off very easily. It was attached with a foam sticky pad.

I cleaned the entire bench and used Goo Gone to remove the adhesive. That left a clean surface for paint.

I coated the entire piece with Folk Art Seafoam chalk paint. I intentionally did a rough brush coat. I wasn't concerned with even coverage.

I used 60 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface. I wanted to remove quite a bit of paint to make this look like it is well worn and primitive.

I applied a coat of Varathane Crystal Clear Exterior Polyurethane. I used exterior poly because I thought this might eventually be used outdoors on a porch as a little seating area or with plants on it.

This thrift store bench went from a cutesy craft project to a primitive bench perfect for modern farmhouse decor.

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