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127 Sale 2019 Day one

Well, we have day one of the 2019 127 Sale (the world'd longest yard sale) under our belts. We started our journey by driving from northern Indiana to Gadsden, Alabama on Tuesday and Wednesday. We started shopping a bit on Wednesday, but some storms blew through and all the vendors pretty much shut down. We did have one cool find Wednesday afternoon—this cute little footstool. It needs a little love, but we are up to the task.

Let me give you a quick peek at the back of the van. We have optimized our packable space. Most of the items will be consumed (water, sodas, & snacks) or used (bubble wrap, packing materials, boxes and tubs).

We started out on Thursday at Nocculula Falls Park in Gadsden. There were several vendors set up. I found a couple of tiny crock bowls.

I paid $5 for both of them together. They were marked $5 each, but the vendor was willing to deal with me.. I had never seen crock bowls this small so I scooped them up. I also found this stack of colorful aluminum glasses. They were marked $10 but the vendor agreed to $8.

Just north of Gadsden, I found this The Texan cap gun and holster set in the original box. I don't think these have ever been in a gun fight. They look like they have never been used.

At the same location (different vendor), I found these wooden ice skate protectors. They will look great with my Christmas decor.

One of my favorite finds today was this vintage fan. Take a closer look...

It has been converted to a lamp! This gem was created by S&R Relics. You can follow them on their Facebook page. Take a look. They have really creative ideas for repurposing things and their prices are very reasonable.

We were still just north of Gadsden at lunchtime. We also needed restrooms. I have stopped at the Black Creek Volunteer Fire Department several times over the past few years. They offer clean restrooms, great food at reasonable prices and very friendly faces!

This is their annual fundraising event. Stop by and support them! They are awesome.

Remember these glass grapes? Your mother or grandmother probably had some. I have sold them in the past in my booth. These were giant!

At the same stop, I purchased this metal enamel green drink dispenser. It was in really great shape!

This is something I found but am NOT bringing home! This beetle was huge! About 3 inches long. Maybe that is normal in Alabama, but I had never seen anything like it. It was in a white Ironstone bowl. I was interested in the bowl, but not the beetle!

This little box intrigued me. I opened it to find little drawers that held slides. So cute and in great condition. It is coming home with me.

This large copper pitcher also made its way into my car. It's in great shape.

We also bought an end table, a shoe-fitting stool, a magazine rack, hoosier cupboard canisters, a copper lined cigar humidor and several other smalls. I didn't take photos of everything because it was raining at some points during the day and we just wanted to get them in the van.

Tomorrow we are headed from Chattanooga to Crossvile, TN. Crossville is the epicenter with a plethora of vendors. Stay tuned for my finds tomorrow!

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