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127 Sale 2020 Day 1

It was a beautiful day in Alabama this morning! A little humid but bearable. It was a great day for the official start of the 127 Sale or as some like to call it, the World's longest yard sale. We started our day at Nocculula Falls Park. Well, technically we started the day with breakfast at the Waffle House. It was delicious! There were several vendors set up at the park. I picked up a couple Christmas wreaths there. I didn't take photos of them but they will be useful when decorating my booth at Christmas time.

We headed up the road and passed up the sales we hit yesterday so that put us ahead of the crowd this morning. The second thing I bought this morning also had a Christmas theme. It is a reproduction, but I loved it anyway.

It's a cast iron Santa door stop!

I was beginning to sense a theme for the day at the next stop.

I picked up this beautiful vintage Christmas plate at a garage sale that was about a mile off the beaten path. I like to get off the actual route periodically. I tend to get better deals at those sales then the ones directly on the route.

I began to branch off a bit from Christmas and picked up both of these vintage flour sifters at one stop.

Let me tell you about this bench and what it cost me. I stopped at a field with a lot of vendors. I had picked up a primitive looking pig. It wasn't old but it had a nice look to it and so I negotiated the price down to $5. I don't have a photo of it because a couple of tents down, I saw this cute little bench. It was marked $10 and as I was looking for the proprietor of that particular area, this woman made a beeline for me. She was the owner of the bench. I asked if she would take $8 for it. She said no, but I will trade you for it. I had the pig tucked under my arm and kind of forgot I was carrying it. I wondered what she would want to trade—my snazzy, but uber comfortable sandals? My stylish mask (I wish!)? She wanted the pig! So I said "Deal"! So I think I got a really good deal on this...

One of our next stops resulted in having to take everything out of the van to reorganize.

We stopped at a barn at a beautiful property. The owners were such wonderful people and they had wonderful things for sale. We bought a variety of things there, such as several green vintage medicine bottles (no pics). We bought six wooden shutters, which was one of the reasons for reorganizing the van.

We bought two sets of these table legs (4 legs total). They have a delicious chippy green paint. I can't wait to do something cool with these! We also bought an assortment of reclaimed wood boards and some shiplap boards all with chippy white paint. Are you starting to see why we needed to repack the van? We hadn't even had lunch yet and we were running out of room!

At the same stop, we also picked up this set of rooster canisters. They are nested with multiple sizes tucked inside one another.

I had just passed up another set of these because they were missing one of the inside containers and one of the lids.

This pickle jar was the last thing we bought at this sale. We had such a nice time talking with this couple, but we were hot and sweaty from repacking the van so we were grateful to be back on the road in our air conditioned van!

We dodged the rain all day. After we left the previous stop, we started to see wet pavement and puddles everywhere. Although we never saw a drop of rain, several areas experienced two gully washers. I stopped at one sale and had a nice conversation about her spectacular view and how she had rushed to cover things during that second wave of showers which apparently was a downpour. I bought these Bobbsey Twin books from her.

My last purchase of the day was my favorite. I hit the mother lode of vintage flour sacks. Flour sacks used to come in beautiful prints. Many people reused the bags to make clothing and quilts. They are difficult to find. I really had to restrain myself to not buy everything she had. I just really love them.

It was late in the afternoon by then and since it had rained a couple of times, most people had closed up for the day. We had a great day with lots of laughs and lot of great finds. It was fun regrouping with our friends at the hotel and showing off what we had all purchased. We are looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow!

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