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A Bucket of Greenery

Anyone know what this was used for? I really have no idea. But isn't it cool? It is super heavy. When I picked this up at an estate sale we did for a local woman a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would look great with some greenery and a candle. But seriously, does anyone know what this is? Anyone, anyone...

I began by cleaning it. The photo above shows it after it was cleaned. It was filthy! Fortunately, all the dirt came off easily with a scrub brush and some soap and water.

Next, I searched through my stash of greenery to see if I had something that would work for this. I have a huge tub of Christmas greenery and picks. I pick it up at yard sales and auctions when I can find good quality greenery. I came up with this piece. It was part of a longer piece of garland. I trimmed it to the size I needed and created a ring and then wired the piece so it would stay in a round configuration.

Next, I added a bow of buffalo plaid ribbon to the handle. Buffalo plaid is very hot this year. You will see it everywhere in Christmas decor.

To finish it, I simply added a flameless candle. This probably could have used a larger one, but this was the biggest one I had on hand. If I find a larger one soon, I would probably switch it out.

This is the finished piece. Very simple, but on point with the current Farmhouse style of decorating. This would look great indoors or outdoors. This would withstand the elements very well. Did I mention we had our first snow this evening? It is way too early for that! Bring back Fall!

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