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Bumpy to Beautiful

I love having friends that share my love of junk. We all have stashes of great stuff and we seem to pass it around. One will say they are getting rid of something and someone else says they will add it to their stash. Such was the case with this lumpy, bumpy footstool. I was at my friend Renee's storage unit and saw this footstool.

I loved it immediately! I asked her what she intended to do with it. She said our friend Susan had given it to her and she was going to give it me! Yay! It is lumpy and bumpy, but the wood is gorgeous on this and in really good shape.

I flipped it over and removed the screws holding the top portion.

I began removing the dozens and dozens of old upholstery tacks and trim.

After removing the fabric and the dreaded horsehair stuffing, all was left is this—the springs which severely needed retied. I didn't want to mess with any of that. I completely removed the springs.

I added new foam and batting and trim. I added a fabric covered button to tuft the top of the footstool. I reattached the top back to the base after cleaning the wood.

The footstool is now really cute! It is no longer lumpy and bumpy, just beautiful!

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