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Drab to Dynamite Bench

I like ugly furniture. Mostly because it gets overlooks—no one else wants it and I know I can typically get it for a good price. I picked this little bench up at an auction. I didn't pay much for it and it has definitely seen better days. The bench was filthy and the wood had some water damage.

I disassembled the bench by removing the screws on the underside of the seat.

I cleaned the entire wooden base with Krud Kutter.

I had to be sure to get into every nook and cranny because the dirt was in every nook and cranny.

Once it was cleaned, I painted it with Folk Art Chalk paint in Rich Black.

I used 100 grit sandpaper to distress the bench. I wanted it to look heavily distressed because there were so many nicks in the wood.

I used Rustoleum Matte Clear to seal the paint.

While that was drying, I removed the fabric and padding from the seat.

This particular padding was horsehair. I hate it horsehair because it is so messy. It inflames my allergies. I am always happy to put it in the trash.

Now that I have a clean slate to work with, I cut a new piece of foam and tacked it to the board with my staple gun.

I selected black and cream canvas ticking fabric for this bench. It is a popular fabric for farmhouse decor.

I decided to add a contrasting tufted button to the seat. You can purchase these buttons at any craft or fabric store.

I cut a square of black canvas fabric.

I trimmed it to the size of the button to be covered. The front and back of the button and fabric are then sandwiched in between the white and blue pieces.

The back of the button gets pushed into fabric and you end up with a fabric covered button.

I love doing the contrasting color button with this fabric.

I reattached the seat of the bench to the frame and it was finished.

This bench would be perfect for an entryway or at the foot of a bed. It is the right size to take a seat to put on your shoes. This bench is ugly no more. A good cleaning, paint and new fabric can make a world of difference.

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