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Milk Stool Makeover

I have a huge stash of stools—from big to tiny, good shape to really, really rough shape. I pick them up whenever I can get them for a good price because they are easy to redo and they resell quickly, win-win.

This is an ordinary milkstool. I don't know that it was ever used for actually milking a cow. It doesn't seem to have ever seen the inside of barn.

It was pretty dusty so we cleaned it up with Krud Kutter. We decided to keep the wood finish on the top and paint the legs.

We taped with painter's tape off the legs to protect the wood on top of the stool.

The legs were painted with Waverly Chalk paint in the Cashew color. The legs were distressed and then the entire piece was coated with Varathane Crystal Clear Satin Polyurethane.

Now it shines. It is perfect for layering pieces in Farmhouse decor.

It works well on the floor with this beautiful Ironstone pitcher to add a touch of color for Spring.

It also works great on a table, as it does in my booth. It adds a layer to this enamel top table and provides another space to add treasures to my booth. This is at my booth at Dutch Lady Antiques in the Coppes Commons building in Nappanee, IN.

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