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Revamped Rocking Chair

I finished a lot of projects while everything was shut down. So many that my blog posts are now way behind! This rocking really needed a revamp. It screamed 1970s and the addition of the red fabric at some point in its life was long past the revitalization phase. Children's chairs sell very well in all my booths. I try to pick them up whenever I can. I bought this one last summer and finally got around to changing it up this spring.

Fortunately, it wasn't dirty, just dated. I removed the seat and the back pillow.

I did give it a quick cleaning to get rid of any dust and to have a clean surface.

I gave it a couple coats of Rustoleum Chalked paint in the Coastal Blue color.

After it dried, it distressed the paint.

Then I added a coat of Varathane Crystal Clear Polyurethane in the Satin finish to seal the paint. It is beginning to look better already!

Usually when in am un-upholstering a piece, there are a million staples to remove. The person who added this fabric was obviously a minimalist and it was easy to remove the red fabric. Unfortunately, there was a second layer of fabric underneath.

After completely stripping the seat of the old fabric, I added new foam and batting and covered it with a brightly colored striped fabric. It was originally a shower curtain made of a canvas fabric. I had picked it up a few months ago. You may remember the last project this fabric covered.

For the pillow cushion on the back of the chair I created a pattern using the dimensions of the old pillow. I used the canvas shower curtain fabric. I wanted the stripes to go in the same direction as the seat so I ensured they would align (more about that later!).

I added a new pillow form inside the cushion.

I created some tabs with snaps to secure the cushion to the back of the chair.

Then I turned under the open edge of the pillow and stitched it closed.

The chair was finished! Or so I thought. When I first put the seat on the chair. I thought it didn't fit right. Remember I aligned the fabric on the seat and the pillow? Well, after fiddling around with the seat to get the wobble out, I realized I had the wood oriented the wrong way. So once I fixed that, this was my problem.

The stripes were no longer aligned. So I thought through my options:

  1. leave it as is.

  2. reupholster the seat to change the direction of the fabric

  3. make a new pillow for the back of the chair to align the fabric.

I chose option 3. I liked the direction of the stripes on the seat so I just remade another pillow. I tried to salvage the first one but it didn't fit well when I turned it sideways.

Fortunately, I had fabric left and could just whip up another one.

This one didn't last long in the booth. It sold in June.

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