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127 Sale 2020 Day 3

We left Crossville on Saturday morning to clear skies and sunshine with a newly reorganized van. We were ready to find some bargains! One of the fields north of Crossville has had a selection of salt dough Christmas ornaments in the past. I use them when making "cookie cutter Christmas trees" which I have featured on the blog before. Click here to see them. I was hoping to pick up some more this year. Fortunately, the vendor was there and I was able to stock up!

Lots of stops were having 50% all their merchandise so I stocked up on a few other things for Christmas decor like this Joy pitcher.

These brown crock mixing bowls were 50% off as well.

As was this vintage Playskool wooden puzzle. I think Tramp would approve.

This Tammy doll was also at the 50% off stop.

Roosters sell really well, so I was happy to find this grapevine twig rooster.

This metal pitcher was sitting right next to the rooster so I thought they should stay together a little longer. I loved the patina on this piece.

There were a few places where we were able to buy multiple pieces on Saturday. We picked up a couple chippy enamel pieces for a great price. These are perfect for planting flowers.

A great old wooden rake.

A galvanized mop bucket on wheels which would also make a great planter.

And one of my favorite finds today—a Boy Scouts of America framed print.

We stopped at a place in Kentucky that had a few things on the lawn and three sheds stuffed full of things. We didn't hesitate when they said we could dig through the sheds We spent almost an hour digging and pulling out treasures. We got some wooden canisters, smiling Santa mugs, a few bottles, pitchers, a footstool and a few miscellaneous treasures. I don't have a photo of these finds. We wrapped and boxed them and THEN I remembered I had not taken a photo. I was too hot and sweaty to undo it all. I will share a photo when I unpack it all.

I love all the things you see along the way on this amazing road trip. Here are a couple of my favorites from Saturday.

This old school bus caught my eye. She didn't come home with me, but oh, how I would love to fix it up!

This crane with a giant flag caught my eye as well. I can't even tell you how big it was. The photo doesn't do it justice. Is there a better sight on a beautiful day? I think not.

And of course the trip would be complete without a visit to this stop in Liberty, KY. The horse on the treadmill had a couple of friends in the corral next to it. The only thing I bought at this stop was fresh peaches—and that just may be my favorite thing from the entire trip. I had one for dinner when I got home—it was that good!

And so with that, the 2020 127 sale is in the books. Although different than in previous years, it was still a LOT of fun with five of us. We managed to fill up two vans between all of us—it was a blast!

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