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127 Sale 2020 Pre-Day 1

The 127 sale has a few different names, the 127 Corridor sale, the World's Longest Yard Sale, Highway 127 Yard Sale... I just call it the 127 sale. I have tackled the sale many times over the years. I live in Northern Indiana and if we are able, we drive down to Gadsden, AL and start heading north to shop. We left yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon enroute to Gadsden. We like to leisurely make our way to Alabama so we stopped in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the evening.

This morning (Wednesday), after having breakfast in Bowling Green, we headed south to Nashville. By the time we got to Nashville, we decided we needed to sample Nashville's donut offering. We found Shipley donuts in Nashville. Now we have awesome donuts in Indiana. Rise N Roll is legendary, but I gotta tell you—the donuts at Shipley's may be the best donuts I have ever eaten. I ordered just one—a long John with creme filling. To my surprise, I was also gifted a plain glazed donut. That glazed donut was clearly the best plain glazed donut ever. It was really light and fluffy, almost like air. The long John had a crisp to the edge but was also light and fluffy on the inside. They were delicious. If you are ever in Nashville, I would highly recommend them!

We arrived in Gadsden, AL around 2:30 pm on Wednesday. Several vendors were set up so we started shopping! I want to share a few of the things I purchases in the couple of hours we shopped today.

I scored a bunch of Shawnee corn pottery at one of our first stops. Once price for all of it!

I also picked up this unique pen today. I just thought it was interesting!

I love vintage Christmas items. I have the Santa and sleigh already, but I didn't have the box. This vendor had just the box, so I was happy to take it home with me!

This cute little pottery pitcher was a great deal and they always sell well so I snagged it.

This little footstool was only a couple dollars and I know it will be an easy reupholstery job.

This basket was a great deal. The gold trim will be coming off though...

I think this is an ammo box. Not really sure, but the teal green color sold me on it immediately (and the price!).

These bellows have a great patina. They aren't working well so I will probably transform these into something else.

I try to get off the 127 highway to some of the off the beaten path sales as well. I scored this twig planter stand, a couple of primitive looking Christmas trees and a twig wreath.

This tiger falls into the "did not buy" category. I thought it was interesting and just an example of all the crazy things you will see on this sale. I left it right where it was for someone else to find!

We only shopped a couple hours today but we are ready for a full day tomorrow! This year is a girls trip. We have five women in two cars. We can't wait to see all the treasures we can find! Stay tuned!

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