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127 Sale Day three—2021

I don't have a long post today. It's getting to the part of the trip where there isn't much room left and every purchase has to be able to fit in the van. We reorganized the van last night at the hotel to ensure we had maximum space to shop today. We expected to buy mostly small items today. Then one of my fellow junkers asked if they had anything in the barn. They said, "sure, you want to take a look?"

Next thing you know, we are unloading the van to be able to load in this chippy white cabinet. It fit perfectly without too much disruption. We simply had to move a few things and slide the green enamel table over to the side.

And then reload the van.

The sales were getting picked over but we found a sale that was not actually on 127. We had detoured about three miles off our route to find a gas station. We made a huge pile at her sale and she gave us a great deal! I didn't capture photos of everything, but here are a couple of treasures. The above wire basket, strainer and two metal flower frogs.

This really adorable cake plate...

And a set of nesting bowls. I had intended to take some additional photos when we arrived at the hotel, but it was raining so we just parked the van and called it a day.

And I have to post the photo of the horse churning ice cream at one of our favorite stops in Liberty, Kentucky. I picked up the last of my finds there and also some fresh peaches! A great way to end the day of treasure hunting.

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