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Sew, Sew cute!

I was driving through town on my lunch hour on a Thursday and spied a garage sale sign. This particular garage sale was a score! This woman had been setting up her garage sale for the weekend and decided to open it early. Yowza! She had great stuff. One particular item she had was the oak top to an old Singer sewing machine.

The sewing machine was gone and the pieces that held it in place were detached. I reassembled them and screwed them in place. Overall, it was still in great shape. I thought it would make a great coffee table.

I had just picked up a shallow wire basket at Gordman's because I loved it. I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I bought it, but as soon as I tried to figure out what to do with the gaping hole in the top, it came together. It was a perfect fit. I attached it to the bottom with some screws and washers.

Back of the drawers.

How pretty are those drawers? It wasn't quite the right height for a coffee table so I purchased wooden legs, painted them black and attached them. I had to add a piece of wood underneath the drawers to support the mounts for the legs.

This turned out really well! As always, I wanted to keep it, but since I don't have room for it, off to the shop it went!

The little cubby under the lid is a great place to store magazines and the multiple remote controls we all seem to have!

I was afraid the legs wouldn't hold it, but it is very sturdy!

Don't be afraid of a project pile at a garage sale. Look at what it could be instead of what it was originally or was it is "supposed" to be. I prefer to think it was meant to be a coffee table!

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