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A chair fit for a queen.

I bought this chair at an auction. I just loved the lines and I loved the red velvet seat. I cleaned it up and put it in the shop. Apparently no one loved the red velvet seat as much as I did. It was time for a makeover (maybe under...).

The seat is not attached so this was a very easy reupholstery job.

First, I stripped off (as always) the old fabric.

There are a couple of ways to remove old staples. I have a new tool now, but in the past, I have used a flat head screwdriver to loosen and then needle-nose pliers to remove the staples.

This seat had button tufts. I debated as to whether or not to do this again. I decided to not tuft.

I added fresh padding but left strapping because it was in good shape. I added a layer of batting and chose this soft teal/grayish and purple fabric. I always tack down the batting and trim before I do the fabric.

The fabric really complemented the tone of the wood. This wood is so pretty, there is no way I would ever paint it. Rather than putting this back in the shop, it is in the corner of my bedroom now. It goes great with the decor in there and it is a great place to pile the decorative pillows at night....

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