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From Cookie Jar to Cooking!

I often find cookie jars with no lids. Like this beauty below. It's a great piece of pottery. Unmarked on the bottom with a beautiful green glaze. I have used them for several things, like the base of a Christmas tree (see it here)!

I found this at Goodwill for $4.99. It wasn't 50% off day but I bought it anyway. The clerk commented that I would have a tough time finding a lid for it. Well, I don't no stinkin' lid...

I just found this one recently at Goodwill for $2.99 and it was 50% off day! Woot, woot! I gladly paid my 1.49 for this lovely lady. The green glaze is beautiful and the handpainted fruit have such a nice patina.

Again, no lid, but who needs a lid? Not this girl!

I use these beauties on my kitchen counter to corral all the utensils I use in cooking. This is a handy way to keep them close.

This one holds all the smaller utensils...

while this one keeps the spatulas and wooden spoons handy.

I can truly say I use something from each of these containers daily. It is so handy to have them readily available. The green glazes complement each other nicely. I have pops of red color throughout my kitchen so the paint on this cookie jar just adds to the over decor.

So don't pass up lidless cookie jars—unless you live near me—in that case, please leave them at the thrift store and I will pick them up later... ;)

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