Rock On!

Updated: May 18, 2020

When I saw this chair at an auction, I had not planned on buying it. It was solid but kind of small. When they got to this piece, they couldn't get a bid. I threw out a $10 bid to get it started thinking others would then jump in...they did not. My brother who often attends auctions with me looked at me like I was crazy. I had already bought three vintage trunks and lots of other stuff and he wasn't sure it would fit in the back of my SUV. With a lot of jostling, we got it all in there.

There wasn't anything wrong with the needlepoint on this chair. It was pretty clean too. But, I thought it needed a re-boot.

This pretty little green fabric was a scrap from another reupholstery project. It was just enough!

A geometric pattern can be difficult. Fortunately I had enough fabric to center this on the seat.

I used some tan trim to finish it.

I couldn't paint this beautiful wood. Fortunately it was in great shape and only needed to be cleaned. So my $10 investment paid off. It didn't stay in the shop long at all.

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