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LOVE all

I had been picking up tennis racket brackets at yard sales for a while now. I knew I wanted to transform them into frames somehow, but they had been sitting for a while. Last weekend I finally tackled this project!

Some had a nice patina, some were unfinished wood.

I took them apart. Some of the screws were rusted and were difficult to remove from the wing nuts.

I added a coat of Traditional Pecan from Varathane to the pieces that were plain wood with little patina. It gave them a nice warm feel.

Since the original screws were rusty, I replaced all the screws. I didn't want them to have a new look so I painted the tops black to look better with the wood.

I had eight total of various sizes. They all have a nice warm patina now. I coated them all with a matte polyurethane.

I twisted some jewelry wire and attached it to the springs between the brackets. I added a couple of clips and some images. The really make an unusual frame.

The dual boards allow the piece to stand alone on a surface or they could be hung on a wall. I added a simple picture hanger on the back of the frame.

This was a super simple project that took minimal skill and zero power tools.

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