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It's Garage Sale Season!

I love it when it starts to warm up and those joyful little signs start popping up all over town. I hit a few sales today. A couple before work, a couple on my lunch hour and one after work. I scored BIG today!

Not bad for five garage sales! I can't even believe how much good stuff I picked up today. Ok, I picked up the white bassinet at a garage sale yesterday....for $1! It will look great with some flowers in it.

These beauties were at the first garage sale this morning. The early bird does get the worm! This was an annual sale by a motorcyle enthusiast group. I can usually find something and they donate all the cash to great causes so I always stop by. At first I didn't see anything....then these caught my eye. The color and patina is so great, I can't stand it. What a score!

I had to hurry to the next sale and then get to work. I did a quick walk through and thought I would walk away empty handed, but then I saw several pieces of slate roofing tiles—for a mere $5. Yes, please!

I picked up a couple of things at lunch but little did I know that the major score was yet to come.

I left work a little early and thought I would have time to hit one more. The ad said barn and antiques. That's enough to lure me in. I arrived just before closing but they let me look around. :)

Sure enough, it was an old barn packed to the rafters with stuff. I had my work clothes on but I dug in anyway. I was just praying a critter wouldn't find me....

One of the first things I saw were these really cool wooden display hangers. Super solid and such gorgeous patina! I asked how much.... "10 cents each be ok with you?" Well, there were fifteen, but I think I can swing that....and then they said "do you want the suitcase too?". Three more dollar bills and we didn't even bother to take the hangers out of the suitcase.

I was trained (old school—pre-computers) in graphic design. I loved my T-square back then. It allowed me to get those perfectly straight lines...

This wooden one looks hand made, but that's OK with me! A little coat of poly will make this thing rule!

I have never seen a rug beater like this. How cool is that!

I opened a little wooden box and found seven fishing lures. Added that to my stack-o-stuff. The really cool thing is I wasn't really interested in the box, but now that I am posting this, I see the inside of the lid and that is the company where I work! I need to go out to the garage and take another look at that box!

Couldn't pass up this cute pottery piece for $4!

And then, as I was stacking up my stuff on the checkout table, I noticed this Atomic Space Ship Lamp sitting near the checkout. I asked if someone has already set that aside. Nope! It was available...and now it is mine. I already have a couple others that I have re-wired.

I love these lamps and this one has a really cool base. Can't wait to clean it up!

I'm always a sucker for green glassware. Love this mixing bowl!

The last thing I added to my pile were ten of these precious glasses. How cute are they! They were marked five cents each, but the woman said she didn't realize they were in the barn and she want to sell them for five cents each. I asked what she would sell them for....$1 was her price. Done. Can't decide to sell or keep....

So garage-saling today was pretty fab. I know it isn't always like this, but it is pretty fun when it happens! Good luck to all!

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