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Mail Call!

This cute little mail organizer was a real find at the Goodwill Store on 50% off day! It's functional, but I wouldn't say I would hang it on my wall looking like this. Time to give it some vintage sizzle!

50% off of $2.49? Please and thank you! Of course, the first step is to remove the price sticker.

Clearly this tarp has been sprayed a few times....

I used Rust-oleum Chalked Spray Paint in Charcoal on this piece. I love this color and the spray makes is soooooo easy. I can't think of when I have had to add a second coat with this product. If you have never tried a spray paint grip handle, I highly recommend it. They cost a few dollars, but are worth every penny!

After the paint dried, I used a scrap piece of sandpaper to distress the piece.

Make sure it is uneven and random. It should look like normal wear and tear. I put a clear coat of polyurethane to seal the paint.

I wanted to add a little interest to the piece. I had found these name plates in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby. There was the perfect number of name plates so it was meant to be! They were really easy to attached with the mini screws.

I think this turned out really well. It is ready to hang on a wall or use on a desk.

This sold within the first hour! This was a really simple project. It kept a discarded piece from a landfill and now will be used for years to come.

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