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Tuffet Turnaround

This cute little tuffet came my way a few weeks ago. It was just a couple of dollars but it was sorely in need of a revamp.

It looked this the current fabric had been added and was not the original.

I peeled back the covering to revel this very dirty, stained covering.

Well, it had to go!

I removed all the legs by simply unscrewing them.

Then I removed the attachments for the legs.

Then I removed the fabric and revealed the old original padding—poof, gone.

Here's a tip for spray painting these legs. I find a cardboard flat and screw them into the cardboard. It holds them secure and makes it really easy to paint the legs!

I used painter's tape to cover the tips of the legs. I wanted those to remain white. I used Rustoleum Chalk spray paint in the Charcoal color. One coat is all it took.

Some new foam and fabric took only a few minutes. Then I covered the bottom with black dust cover fabric to protect the bottom. Then I reattached the leg supports.

I love this fabric. It was a scrap from another project. Scraps are perfect for little stools!

This was completed in less than an hour. Projects like this are a great foray into upholstery! It sold as soon as Primitive Gatherings opened!

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