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Lincoln Log Love

I love, love, loved playing with Lincoln Logs when I was a child. My dad and I would build all kinds of structures. I have acquired a few sets over the years, but I have never run into one this old. I went to an estate sale a few days ago. I found some really cool things (more on the other cool stuff in a future post), but given that I collect old games and toys, this find was extraordinary!

A 1923 set of Lincoln Logs in the original box with (albeit tattered) original instructions! Oh my, my!

This is the original box. Nothing fancy, just some wood burning on the front panel...

This may have originally been in the lid of the box. I'm not sure. Look at that. JL Wright, Inc., Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL. Love it!!

Quick history: Lincoln Logs were made by John Lloyd Wright (JL Wright), son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

I counted all the pieces and it is actually more than what was included in the set. In the instruction booklet, there is information on ordering a single set to supplement the boxed double set. You can barely see it in the photo above, the the roof are slabs of wood with a canvas tape holding them together. There are two roofs so I think there is an extra set included. There are three chimneys—two red and one natural wood.

This is a terrible shot, but it shows the booklet with instructions on how to build multiple structures. The booklet is very fragile.

When it comes to old sets of Lincoln Logs, it doesn't get any better than this! I got to the estate sale a couple of hours after it opened. I can't believe this set was still available.

This set won't go in the shop. I will have to find a place for it here with my other sets of Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys.

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