Good things in small packages

This sweet little painting was in a box lot I picked up at an auction. The painting is small, just 5 x 7 inches. I really liked the color and the subject matter.

I debated whether to keep it or put it in the shop. I looked up the artist online. Turns out it was painted by an Indiana artist named Glenn F Bastian. It isn't signed on the front, but there was a label on the back of the painting.

Glenn F. Bastian, 1890-1966, was a native of Gas City, Indiana. Born in Ohio, he moved to Gas City, Indiana in 1900. He pursued many occupations including store manager, clothing store clerk and bank employee. It is believed he started painting after joining the Army in WWI and being quarantined in France with tuberculous. Besides oil paintings of floral and landscape motifs, he also created bird pictures consisting of bird feathers. The price on this was originally a mere $1. Apparently he has a following now. His paintings go from $50 to over $300. It's not Monet money, but a little gem nonetheless!

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