Flower Power

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I have converted several chairs over the years into planters. I didn't have my eye on this chair at the auction. The legs had been cut off and it was really low. It was grouped with a little footstool I wanted so I won this when I won the bid for the footstool, so here we go again with a planter!

Typically, I would paint the chair a bright color. I kind of liked the patina on this so I left it raw.

I bought a wire basket to put in the seat to hold the flowers. I attached the wire basket with twine.

I added a coconut liner. The birds have already picked this one apart!

An inexpensive basket from Menard's (on sale for $7.99).

I replanted the basket into the chair, added a patriotic pinwheel and now it is good to go in the landscaping!

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