How a collection starts...

I didn't wake up one day and decide I needed a collection of vintage shoe sizers. Sometimes these things find you. I found these wooden shoe sizers at a garage sale last summer. Loved them. Couldn't believe someone had not snatched them up before I got there.

I had never seen shoe sizers like this. I was going to put them in the shop, but they wound up on a shelf in my closet until I could hang them on the wall. I thought it would be nice to hang them in there with my (cough, cough) "collection" of shoes.

Then I was at an auction on New Year's day. Dr Scholl came home with me. It was really dirty (I didn't take a photo of it prior to cleaning). I cleaned it up this morning. It is really cool. As you move the lever on the left side, your shoe size automatically shows up in the window.

There is a patent date of 1931 on this.

And then yesterday I found this at a garage sale. So I snapped it up.

So THAT is how you wind up with a vignette of shoe sizers displayed on the wall of your closet. The clock was already there. The shoe sizers fit nicely around it. The clock had to stay. I need to know how much time I have spent deciding what to wear in the morning. You may have noticed that only three of the wooden ones made the cut. I didn't want to crowd it and it was a duplicate. That one will go in the shop.

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