Cutting boards and cutting stencils

So I have been a wee bit obsessed about my Silhouette Cameo 3 machine since I figured out how it works. I already posted one project with a cutting board. I had a stash of a few other cutting boards so I did them all at once.

There was a third one, but I don't have a "before" pic of that one.

I cut out all three designs on one 12 x 12 inch sheet of vinyl.

I chose white for the Folk Art Sheepskin as the color for the Farm Fresh Eggs.

I used Folk Art Vintage Mustard on the other two. All three received two coats.

I sanded each one to distress the paint. The cuts on the board really add to the distressing.

I took this photo as I was starting to add a coat of matte polyurethane. This really shows how a coat of polly can bring out the depth of the wood as well as protect the paint. All three cutting boards received two coats of poly.

Maybe I should keep this goes so well with my other chicken decor.

I was really happy with these two as well. All of these were super simple. The most difficult part was trying to figure out if I could get all on one sheet of vinyl but still keep the artwork at the right size for each board. Now I will be on the hunt for more cutting boards... :)

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