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Turning Heads

I recently picked up three boxes of vintage hats. It's not something I would normally buy, but the price was so good, I couldn't pass it up. Since I don't normally sell hats, I had to think about how to display them in the shop. A few weeks ago, I came across two styrofoam heads.

At fifty cents each, I discovered a way to display the vintage hats!

Originally I was going to use them as is, but then I really wanted to try out my new 1Gel decoupage.

So I had this wrapping paper I had picked up that looked like old postcards.

I cut this up and started decoupaging on one of the heads. This is good quality wrapping paper, really heavy. Which means it wasn't the greatest for decoupaging. I managed to make it work. But for the second head, I switched to a decorative tissue paper.

Again, I cut it up into small pieces to make it apply a bit better.

This worked much better. I applied an antiquing stain and wiped it off so the stain would stay in the crevices.

And just like that, I had two really pretty head mannequins to display the vintage hats.

These ladies are stylin' now! I think this will be a great display in the booth for these hats.

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