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Auction Finds

A couple of days ago, I posted about an auction preview. Today I thought I would show you what came home with me!

This fantastic fruit/trapping basket with straps to carry it like a backpack. This one is not going in the shop—it is mine, all mine!

I love the detail on this basket...

There is a little problem with the bottom of the basket, but I don't think I will be carrying heavy items with it.

You can barely see the Pepsi Cola logo on this wooden crate, but it's there. It was filled with some goodies.

Like these shoe shine brushes...

these boat cleats,

and these corn shuckers.

This phone and the GTE first aid kit was a total of $2! Love, love vintage phones!

I got a stash of wooden boxes. This one has the original key.

This Jelke Good Luck Oleomargarine box has a metal handle. I haven't seen one like that before. Love the slogan—The Fine Taste Satisfies, The Low Price Gratifies.

These wooden skis do not match, but they were a bargain at $2 each!

This is the vintage sled I bought. This is after I cleaned it. It had several layers of dust and grime on it. It was worth the work though, there was vintage green paint on the rails and the wooden slats on the side. Beautiful!

That was it for the day. Not a carload, but plenty to stock the shop and a few finds for myself. If you have never been to an auction, check out to find one near you. Give it a try—you will never know what you can find!


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