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Some Fab Finds This Week

I haven't had a chance to upscale or repurpose anything in the past few weeks, but I have been finding some really cool things.

This vintage red and white wooden kitchen stool was a garage sale find from yesterday. It required just a bit of re-gluing but it went in the booth this evening. It's just so cool. And I had never seen one like it.

I found this chalk ware piggy bank at the same garage sale. I actually bought a ton of stuff there. The woman kept remarking that I was buying all of her husband's items from his childhood. Um, yeah, because they are all very cool things (I'll post more in the future). There was money in this. There is not stopper so the conventional way to remove the cash would have been to break it. I used the ole "slide a knife in the slot and 'direct' the coins to fall out" method—I practiced that a lot when I was a kid. It only took a few minutes to extract the 27 cents (all pennies). About half were wheat pennies and the newest penny was from 1962.

I picked up this crate recently at an auction. It was filled with a bunch of stuff with no value but I was still surprised that I got the box so inexpensively. It was very dirty. I simply cleaned up the box and added a clear coat. It is very cool.

This was probably my favorite find of the week. A friend asked if I wanted to pick from an abandoned house. Um, yes, please! This laundry basket was in remarkably good shape. I need to clean it up, but yowza, this was a fab find. I will post some other picks from the abandon house. We got some really fun items.

So it has been a good week for scoring great items. I was able to stock my booths just before the holiday weekend. Let's hope others find them as cool as I do!

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