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From Farm to a Table in my Booth

Yesterday I mentioned I found a mega honey hole yard sale and the woman kept saying I was buying everything from her husband's childhood. One of the fabulous finds was this toy barn.

This is a good size barn. It has R.H. Buss painted on the barn. I didn't find anything pertinent when I googled that. The roof is hinged so half of the roof opens up. It has these great little doors which open.

Flipping the roof open reveals several interesting features. There is a pulley system to lift a platform.

Pull on the string and the platform raises to the loft in the barn.

There are several painted blocks of wood representing bales of hay.

A peek under through the doors reveals stalls under the loft. This is a removable piece of wood and can be moved anywhere in the barn. So clever! Clearly someone put some thought and a lot of work in this.

What goes better with a barn than a tractor and a wagon? I picked this up at the same garage sale. I had to keep them together!

So the whole outfit made it to my booth this afternoon. I have had a few other barns in my booth over the years and they always seem to sell quickly. I don't think this one will last long.

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