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Quick Basket Repurpose

Often at auctions they will pile a bunch of stuff together just to clean up a table. Inevitably, the one thing I want will wind up in that pile. There was a basket tray from a picnic basket at this particular auction. It had been separated at some point from its original home in a picnic basket. I only wanted to pay a couple of dollars for it. The bidding went higher than I wanted, so I dropped out. The winning bidder picked out what he wanted and looked at me and said you can have the rest. The basket tray was still there. Yay! He didn't want any money for it either. Score!

It was a little dirty, a little dusty.

I picked up whisk brooms whenever I see them at garage sales. This one has been used quite a bit, but it still does the trick. It easily brushed off all the dirt and dust.

Then all it needed was a needed was a coat of poly.

Now it can be used for a variety of purposes. I like to harness cups, napkins, utensils in one place for gatherings. This basket handles that job effortlessly. I won't have a chance to use it, it sold the first day I put it in the shop!

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