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Time for a Makeover

Recently I wrote about visiting the Shipshewana Auction Barn. I went back a couple of weeks ago and came home with this huge barn fan cage.

It was farm fresh. Although I loved all the rust on it, I don't like the barn crud.

A wire brush took care of that. I attacked the fan cover and scrubbed it well with the brush.

Once it was clean, I added a clear coat of polyurethane to protect it. I decided this would make a great clock. It was already divided into 12 sections so it would work perfectly. I ordered a clock kit from Amazon. This fan grid is about 24" across so I didn't want the clock hands to get lost. I ordered simple, clean looking hands that were almost 12" long.

These hands were black out of the package. I wanted some contrast to the rust. I had some silver spray paint and hit them with a light coat of spray paint.

The fan cover did not have a hole for the clock kit. So I quickly drilled a hole.

After the paint was dry on the hands, I assembled the clock kit. It was at that point I decided I hated the silver clock hands. They really didn't pop off of the rust of the fan.

So I went back to the drawing board (and my paint stash) and came up with...

copper. The copper has a nice contrast to the rust. I disassembled the clock, painted the hands again and reassembled the clock kit.

Now it looks amazing! I am really happy with the way this turned out.

It goes nicely with the grouping in my living room. I haven't decided if I am keeping this or selling it. I think I will leave it on the wall whilst I decide. Update: I decided to sell it. It sold quickly once I put it in the booth!

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