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Sometimes in the process of creating a makeover for an item, you discover it doesn't need one. Perhaps a make-under is appropriate. I have to admit, this one wasn't apparent to me until I was halfway through the makeover.

I picked up this fantastic bingo cage at an auction about a month ago. It was a definite Fab Find! I loved the green of the cage, the red Bakelite handle and just the overall patina.

What I didn't love was the dirty, dusty piece of plywood to which it was attached.

So I thought I would take it apart, clean the wood, coat it with a cream color chalk paint, distress it and reattach it to the bingo cage.

I snapped this photo so I could offer up a handy tip about putting any screws or hardware you remove on a project in a plastic baggie to ensure all pieces stay together in one place—you should totally do that when revamping a project...

Then I put the first coat of paint on the board and while waiting for it to dry to apply a second coat, that is when it hit me...

there it was, sitting right in front of me. The bingo cage was sitting on my work table. That is when I realized I didn't need the board at all. It looked better without it. Much better without it.

So that is my make "under" for today. I cut the dead weight and let this shine all on its own.

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