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Day 1 of the 127 sale

Today was the official start of the 127 sale. Although it was cloudy, the forecast said no rain until late in the afternoon. As we were ready to take off to start our shopping extravaganza, we noticed our rental had a flat tire.

The rental car company arranged for a service call.

Apparently this is the spare tire in this van. It needed to be inflated. Very strange. The whole ordeal put us about 90 minutes behind schedule. So we were off to Nocculula Falls part, the official starting point for the 127 sale.

There were several vendors set up there and we bought....nothing. We set off down the road. Getting a late start really helped avoid the 8 am traffic jam that usually occurs at the starting point, There was a little bit of traffic but it wasn't bad.

And now for the treasures I found today:

I found these cute wicker lamp shades. I think I have some lamps for which these would work perfectly.

We venture off the 127 sale occasionally. We often hit the jackpot. We followed a sign for an estate sale. It was basically a shed, but it held some good stuff, like these Holt Howard orange juice pitcher with four glasses.

I also found this Redwing Pottery Water Cooler buried under a table in the shed. It was dusty and dirty and had a bunch of cobwebs in it and has a couple of large chips, but we dragged it outta there and now it's mine.

I found this unusual basket for magazines or firewood at another stop. I love the patina on this.

I love Shawnee Pottery. I found a couple of pieces today. This little cutie...

and this really cool leaf planter.

I have a small collection of vintage souvenirs. These two little bobbleheads are Mr. and Mrs. Florida. Really cute and really inexpensive.

Vintage water coolers were definitely in my path today. This one has the lid. The spigot has been replaced, but the rest is original. Swoon.

I found these vintage seats today on Lookout Mountain. I will probably change out the fabric but that will be easy to do. These are rock solid.

That was all my finds today, but I took a few photos of some fun sights to see along the way.

There were horse patrols keeping the peace.

I did not but the Sinclair dinosaur. They had multiple notes to keep off of the dinosaur. Darn it.

This cowboy tub was really cool, but it would not have fit in the car.

This was one of my favorite things I saw today. An industrious person made this table out of gears. It was too rich for my blood, but it was really cool.

That was our adventure for today. I need to get some sleep. We hit Signal Mountain in the morning.

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