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Final shopping 127 sale

I am just now getting around to posting my final day of shopping along the 127 sale. On Saturday we traveled from Crossville, Tennessee to Danville, Kentucky. I didn't find much—by Saturday it is usually pretty well picked over.

I did manage to find a few things.

This is a Shawnee Pottery King Corn mixing bowl. I have a couple pieces of the corn pattern.

This advertising flag plate appealed to me for several reasons. It goes with my patriotic decorations for the 4th. It has a little Robin at the top of the plate and it is from 1918 and that makes it exactly 100 years old. And it is from Vallonia, Indiana. To be honest, I didn't even know where that was. Here is some information about Vallonia (click on link).

I bought this tiny little cookie jar. It is pottery and just really appealed to me. It is so small even the Keebler elves would have a problem making cookies to fit in this.

One of my favorite stops is a little antique shop and ice cream parlor in Northern Tennessee. It has a "Sanford & Son" truck in the parking lot.

They always have really interested items in the store but the best part is...

the old fashioned ice cream parlor.

I highly recommend the peach ice cream.

Another favorite stop is an Amish farm just south of Liberty, Kentucky.

This horse walks on a treadmill churning an ice cream maker.

So I had to have a little taste of that as well.

And that pretty much wrapped up my day and our trip. I was having some issues with back pain and we cut the trip short and headed home. I did find some great things this year.

I wish all the vendors would mark their items. I think they don't realize they are missing out on a sale when they do this. I passed up several good items because they simply were not marked and I didn't feel like tracking down the owner and trying to figure it out.

Overall the 127 sale changes a bit year after year, some for the better, some for worse. All in all, despite my back pain, it was a good trip!

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