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Another one across the goal line.

Bleachers have always been uncomfortable which is why people take their own seats with them—like this pair. I found these vintage stadium/canoe seats on the 127 sale trip this year on Lookout Mountain.

The fabric was old and smelly and would rip easily.

This label was still on the back of both chairs.

The wood was in great shape though. No broken parts and everything worked well.

I removed the fabric and removed the staples and tacks and gave it a good cleaning.

I cleaned the wood with Murphy's Oil Soap. And then I got started on new cushions.

I chose a canvas duck outdoor material. I used the old cushions as a pattern for the new ones. Instead of stapling these to the wood, I added ribbon to tie the fabric to the chairs so the cushions could be easily removed to clean. The cushions took about two hours total.

These are the finished chairs.

I used them in the window of one of the shops I am in to decorate for fall. They are in the lower right corner in the football vignette.


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