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Architecture Plaster Molds

One of my favorite things I acquired at the Shipshewana Auction Barn this past Wednesday was seven vintage architecture plaster molds. I would have been thrilled to get just one but I managed to get seven!

Beautiful wooden plaster mold

These molds are heavy! I bought five large-ish molds and three smaller molds.

Beautiful wooden plaster mold.

Look at the detail on these—simply amazing.

Just imaging the craftsmanship that went into the design of these molds. With the limited tools available, each half of this matches the other perfectly.

I can only imagine what the buildings adorned with the plaster pieces from these molds would look like.

Before these will go in the shop, they need a little bit of work. They are a little dusty so I need to clean them and I will probably put a clear coat on them and add hangers on the back so they are ready to hang on a wall. I will show them again in a future post when they are shiny and pretty, although I don't know if they can get much prettier than this!

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