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Auction Wednesday!

That five o'clock alarm went off way too early this morning. But the early bird gets the worm and there is a lot to look through before the Shipshewana auction bell rings at 9 am. There are previews of the sale online through, but it is always good to get there early. You never know what they didn't show on the photo previews. I posted my finds a couple of weeks ago in this post.

It was very chilly this morning but it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day in the mid 50s. As the temperatures get warmer, the items offered for auction grows. Today it filled every space in the building. As I was making my list of things to bid on, I spied some really cool things.

These really unusual chairs caught my eye immediately. There were four chairs with this small table. The chairs fit perfectly under the table due to the shape. There was a note on the table stating they were from an ice cream parlor in Toledo, Ohio. They were in great condition. Alas, they did not come home with me.

This unusual hat stand also caught my eye. It wasn't marked, but just the shop of the "head" was so different from a typical hat stand. Very cool.

Next to the hat stand was this brass bird cage. It was dusty and dirty, but I am sure whomever took it home will make it shine again.

One booth had a wall full of vintage signage. I particularly liked this canoe rental sign. It had the faded look of being in the elements for several years.

This Garage sign also had great patina with awesome rusty hooks.

I loved the look of this violin, but I think I love the look of the case even more.

This beautiful wooden drafting table was one of my favorites today. If only I had room for it!

There are architectural elements available every week at the Shipshewana Auction Barn. These pieces looked like normal adornments at first, but upon closer look, you could see dragons in the carving. I wonder what they were used for?

There were a couple of great vintage wooden sleds today.

Beautiful quilts are a staple at the weekly auction. They can go sky high with the bidding, but the ones offered are usually printing and well worth the money.

I do not have any idea what the functionality of this awesome piece was. I guessed a student desk. The woman that purchased it thought it had some sort of industrial use. She was planning to put glass on the top and use it as an end table. What a great repurpose of this very unique item!

Now for the things I did bring home!

Croquet sets are always popular in my booths. This one was complete and will clean up really well.

Shaving cabinet? Maybe. That is what the tag said. After discussing it with my friends, we decided it could have also been used in a dental office or a doctor's office. I just loved the legs on the piece. It is very solid and will be beautiful when I clean it up.

This telephone bench is looking a little worse for wear, but it is rock sold. It will be fun to give it a makeover. Stay tuned for a future post to see how this turns out.

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