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Barn Fab Find

I attended a farm estate auction recently. There was a lot of farm equipment for sale. I had zero interest in purchasing a tractor. They didn't have a lot of antiques and none of the household items were in the sale. But they did have a little gem in the barn buried under a pile of dirt and grime—this old farmhouse enamel top table.

Fortunately, a lot of the dirt and grime was just a thick layer of dust. I brushed the majority off before I put it in my car. It was very wobbly and the paint was chipping off.

I took it apart to clean it and sand the chippy paint.

This was my workspace after cleaning and scraping off the chippy paint. It was a mess!

I put it back together, added a coat of Varathane Crystal Clear Satin polyurethane to prevent it from continuing to chip. I didn't want paint over the chippy goodness, but I wanted to prevent it from chipping further.

By reattaching the legs and tightening the screws, the piece became very solid. The wobbly-ness was simply caused by the screws in the table legs not being tight enough. It is solid as a rock now.

The knob on the drawer was broken, but I had a vintage glass knob in my stash so I replaced it.

The enamel top cleaned up really well. It glistens now. This table has move out of the barn and will find a new home and be useful for years to come!

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