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BEE-autiful Bench

When things started opening up around here, one of things I was most excited to get back to was going to garage sales. There haven't been as many as usual this year, but I have found some treasures—like this really cute cast iron bench!

It is really heavy and super solid. The fabric was old and dated and a little dusty but I thought it was a good buy at $20—although after not being able to get out and about, I probably would have paid more!

The base really didn't need any work, I just needed to replace the fabric so this project was really easy!

I removed all the screws from the bottom of the stool.

I stripped the fabric and the old stuffing from the seat. It was horsehair. I loathe horsehair stuffing. It is so messy!

I cut a new piece of foam to the exact size of the seat. I added batting and cut the fabric just a few inches larger than the seat.

Upholstering a seat like this is the easiest of all reupholstering. You simply pull the fabric taut and place a staple in the center of each side of the board. This gives you the opportunity to ensure the fabric is centered properly and straight (particularly if there is a recurring pattern). I chose the bee fabric I had used on a bench in a previous project. I thought the design and color of the fabric complemented the scrolling of the cast iron.

After you ensure the placement of the fabric is where you wanted it to be, you simply work your way out the edge with staples, constantly turning and pulling the fabric taut.

I reattached the seat to the cast iron base.

This project took less than an hour. It's a simple project if you have never attempted upholstery. Don't ever let the fabric on a simple piece like this prevent you from seeing the vision of what it could be.

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