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Boxed Easter Eggs

As I was going through my stash to find things to decorate my booths for Easter, I came across this little box. I had picked it up at a garage sale last year. I had shuffled it around from place to place, not sure what I was going to do with it.

It was a little rusty and I had tried cleaning it before and couldn't get the rust off of it so it went back into another pile.

I started to look through my paint stash to see if I had something that would cover up the rust and give this little box a new life.

I used Rustoleum metal accents to touch up this piece. I covered the rusted and then dry brushed paint over the rest of it to match.

It worked perfectly. It is good as new!

To create the Easter "basket" I added a bit of Spanish moss to the box.

And then added mini eggs from Hobby Lobby. It was that simple. It only took about 10 minutes—how simple is that?

It fit right in with some of my other Easter decor.

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